© The Guy Bourdin Estate 2022/Courtesy of Louise Alexander Gallery
Christian Dior, New York, 1947
Gelatin silver print
Collection MEP, Paris
©The Irving Penn Foundation
Sebaätou Rijal 2 BHC,2020, Inkjet Art Professional
© Maïmouna Guerresi
Untitled. Series Japan
© Isabel Muñoz
©️ Yuka Takasu
© Samuel Bollendorff
©︎ Narahara Ikko Archives
© Arnaud Robert / Paolo Woods
Prince Gyasi, Responsibility II, 2018, Fujiflex print
ZAIDO © Yukari Chikura
NEW SKIN ​​©︎ Mayumi Hosokura
Eagle and Raven ©︎ Ariko Inaoka
A NEW RIVER ©︎ Ai Iwane
Momo Okabe, ILMATAR, 2020, Archival color C-print ©︎ Momo Okabe
mutation / creation ​​©︎ Harumi Shimizu
Hōjō ©︎ Mayumi Suzuki
die of love © Hideka Tonomura
Negative Ecology ©︎ Tamaki Yoshida

KYOTOGRAPHIE international photography festival

10th Edition

Theme of KYOTOGRAPHIE 2022

The KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary with the theme “ONE”

“One is everything and everything is One”

This saying is rooted in Japan’s Buddhist teachings and expresses the idea that each speck of dust (the individual) represents the universe (the whole), and the universe is a magnificent organic combination of the individual and the whole. Every speck is relevant and meaningful in this whole; connected and existing as “One”.

In 2022, KYOTOGRAPHIE wants to celebrate each person’s unique existence and our collective diversity.

ONE is an opportunity to share our 10th year as the motivation for renewal, revival, and reconnection.

Lucille Reyboz & Yusuke Nakanishi,
Co-founders and Directors of KYOTOGRAPHIE