JOIN OUR TEAM!! Recruitment of Festival staff
JOIN OUR TEAM!! Recruitment of Festival staff

We are looking for the following staff to work with us for the festival.
– VENUE leader
– SUB leader (part-time job)
– Support staff (volunteers)
– Internship

Click here to see the details of each recruitment type and to enter the application process.

“I like art and photography, I like people, I like Kyoto, I like festivals! “I want to enjoy the festival from a different point of view than the visitors. “I want to enjoy Kyoto in autumn from a different angle. “I want to contribute here as a job.”I want to meet and interact with other art and photography lovers, or I’m looking for an opportunity to start something new. We welcome everyone. Every year, a variety of people from junior high school students to the elderly are active in this event.

You can choose from four different types of positions according to your own objectives and apply for them.

As for support staff, no experience necessary. There are no difficult tasks. Please feel free to apply first. We are looking for people who can work with a spirit of hospitality, mainly during the exhibition period from September to October.

Now that we have reaffirmed the importance of connecting with others and having fun together, why don’t we enjoy the festival together?

★★★ The details of the event and activities will be determined according to the infection status of the new coronavirus, and we will proceed after taking sufficient countermeasures against infection while listening to your opinions. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

KYOTOGRAPHIE 2021 Closing Report

The Closing Report of KYOTOGRAPHIE 2021 is now on the website!