2024.04.13 - 05.12

Birdhead バードヘッド

Welcome to Birdhead World Again, 2024 Kyoto


Curated by Philip Tinari
Scenography by Hiromitsu Konishi (miso)

Established in 2004, Birdhead—the Shanghai-based duo that consists of Song Tao (b. 1979) and Ji Weiyu (b. 1980)—initially gained renown for their expansive photographic chronicles of their city’s ongoing regeneration. Over the course of two decades, they have continued to push photography to rhapsodize, critique, and celebrate the world that has come to exist around them. If their early works were about cataloguing a rapid and all-consuming process of urbanization, their more recent creation has, in keeping with KYOTOGRAPHIE’s 2024 theme, returned to the “Source” of the photographic medium, specifically its relationship to its fundamental elements of light and time. By testing the limits of traditional photographic tools and practices, they find a precarious balance between representation and abstraction.

Birdhead, <span class="u-italic400">Breeze</span> © BIRDHEAD Studio

Birdhead, Breeze © BIRDHEAD Studio

Birdhead, <span class="u-italic400">Bigger</span> Photo © BIRDHEAD Studio

Birdhead, Bigger Photo © BIRDHEAD Studio

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