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Tickets チケットについて

Where can I purchase tickets and passport tickets?
Single Venue Tickets are sold at all paid venues.
Passport Tickets are sold at all paid venues, the Information Machiya and the Online Shop.
They are also available at Tie-Up Vendors.
For more details, please visit the website below.
Are there venues where I need to pay an additional fee (other than my ticket/passport ticket fee)?
The following venues require an additional entrance fee:
・Onishi Seiwemon Museum 800 yen
・Koymyo-in Zen Temple 300 yen
・Nijo-jo Castle 800 yen
For more information on the entrance fee for each establishment, please visit the homepage.
Is there a student fee for the entrance fee of Nijo-jo Castle?
For elementary school students, the fee is 300 yen. For junior high and high schoolers, the fee is 400 yen. Others must pay the general fee which is 800 yen.

However, those that fit the criteria below are exempt from paying the entrance fee:
・Free entrance for primary and middle school students living in Kyoto City, and children who attend elementary or middle schools in Kyoto City. (Please bring proof of residence/enrollment)
・Free entrance for senior citizens above the age of 70 who reside in Kyoto City (Please bring proof)
・Free entrance for those with a physical disability certificate, a rehabilitation certificate, war injury certificate, atomic bomb survivor's certificate, mental disability certificate, etc. and 1 caregiver.
Note: Please present proof at the entrance.

For more details, please visit the Nijo-jo Castle website.
How much is a ticket or a passport ticket?
◆Passport Ticket
Advance Ticket: 5,500 yen
Exhibition Period Sale: 6,000 yen (Kyoto City Resident Discount: 5,500 yen)
Weekday Passport: 4,500 yen
Student Passport: 3,500 yen
EXPRESS Passport: 15,000 yen (Priority entry, limitless entry)

Prices for Single Venue Tickets vary depending on the venue.
Are there advance tickets or discount tickets?
Advance tickets are only available for passport tickets.
Advance tickets can be purchased online or at tie-up vendors. For more information, visit the link below.
Until when can I purchase an advance ticket?
Advance tickets are available until 23:59 April 14th (Fri), 2023
Are there student or senior citizen discounts?
There is a student fee (high school, university, vocational school).
※ Please present a student identification
※ Free for junior high schoolers and below

No senior citizen discount is available.
When purchasing a student passport ticket, do I need to bring a student identification?
Yes, for the student discount to be applied a student identification must be presented.
Can infants enter for free?
Junior high schoolers and younger can enter for free.
Is there a group discount?
Only for standard passport tickets, when purchased for 10 or more people, the price will be lowered to 5,500 yen. This is available at each paid venue and the Information Machiya. Purchase will be smoother at the Information Machiya than at other paid venues. One representative will be required to pay.
Can group tickets be purchased in advance?
If purchasing more than 30 tickets, payment by invoice is possible. In that case, all bank charges must be paid by the customer. If considering, please contact the email address below.
I have a physical disability certificate, but does that make me eligible for a ticket/passport discount?
The person presenting the certificate and one companion can enter for free. Instead of receiving a ticket, you will be able to enter each venue without payment. Please present your certificate at each venue.
What sort of certificate is valid? (Is it only the actual physical copy that is eligible, can I use my Mirairo ID, what about other certificates such as for intractable disease?)
Please present the certificate that you usually use.
Can tickets be purchased from abroad?
To purchase a passport ticket from abroad, please use the website below.

Single venue tickets are not available for purchase online.
Are credit card or online payment methods accepted at locations selling tickets?
Passport tickets and single venue tickets can be purchased using the following payment services:
− Credit card (VISA, Master, AMEX, JCB, Diners Club, DISCOVER)
− ID Payment (QUIC Pay, Apple Pay)
− IC Card for Public Transportation (PiTaPa cannot be used)
− QR Code Payment (PayPay, LINE Pay)
Can tickets be purchased at places other than venues selling tickets?
Passport tickets can be puchased online or at several bookstores.
For more information, please visit the website below.
If I buy a passport ticket online, can I receive the physical ticket on the day I visit the venue? (Regarding how to enter using an online ticket)
There is no need to receive a physical copy of your passport ticket. After purchase, you can either print the PDF file or the QR code sent to your registered email address or present your smartphone screen. It is also possible to save the passport ticket to Wallet on an iOS device and present it at the venue.
Can you issue a receipt?
◆ If purchasing a ticket at a venue or the Information Center, a receipt can be issued. Please notify the clerk when purchasing.
◆ For online purchases
Please use the credit card statement as a receipt. A handwritten receipt cannot be issued. If you are required to present a receipt somewhere, please purchase your passport ticket at each paid venue or the Information Machiya.
Is it possible to cancel or get a refund?
Under no circumstances can we accept a cancellation or a refund of passport tickets and single venue tickets.
What should I do if I lose my ticket/passport ticket?
Reissuing a ticket is not possible. Please keep it stored safely.
How will I be repaid if the exhibition is cancelled?
If the decision to cancel the exhibition is made, we will notify you on our official website and on social media platforms.
Is reentering a venue possible?
For passport tickets (except for Express Passports), please purchase a single venue ticket to reenter a paid venue.
Is there a entry limit?/Is there a possibility that I will not be able to buy a same-day ticket?
If a venue is crowded, we may limit entry. Additionally, if the queue to enter a venue is so long that we deem entering the venue by the last entry time seems unlikely, we may cease the sale of single venue tickets.

Visit 来場される方へ

what are the opening and closing times of each venue?
opening and closing hours vary from venue to venue. more information can be found at
How do I get to each venue?
Access information is availble on the website for each venue. Route planning is possible via the map on the website.
Is there available parking for bicycles and cars? If so what are the parking fees and are there available discounts?
There is no parking at the venues. Please park your vehicle at nearby parking lots or use public transportation to visit the venues.
Is there available parking for motorbikes?
There is no parking available for motorbikes.
Where can I park my bicycle?
Bicycle parking availability depends on the venue. If there is a bicycle parking lot icon on the venue description page, you may park your bicycle at that venue. If there is no bicycle parking, please use nearby parking spaces.
Are bicycles available for rent near the various venues?
There is a rental bicycle service at the Information Machiya. Reservation is not possible. Starting from 10 A.M., the bicycle will be rented out on a first-come-first-served basis. In case of rain, the service will be stopped.
Is there a shuttle bus that goes around to the different venues?
There is no shuttle bus. Please use other modes of transportation, such as public transportation.
Do the venues have wheelchair access and are the venues wheelchair friendly?
Depends on the venue. Please visit the venue description page for more information.
Are venues barrier-free?
Depends on the venue. Please visit the venue description page for more information.
Does each venue have a lift?
Depends on the venue. Please visit the venue description page for more information.
Does each venue have a toilet?
Depends on the venue. Please visit the venue description page for more information.
Does each venue have a multipurpose toilet?
There are no venues with a multipurpose toilet.
Are there nappy/diaper changing spaces and breastfeeding/nursing spaces available?
There are no nappy/diaper changing spaces or breastfeeding/nursing spaces.
Are there smoking areas?
There are no smoking areas.
Are there any admission restrictions and can you only enter the venue with a reservation?
There are no admission restrictions.
Can infants enter? Is there an age restriction?
There is no age restriction. As temples and machiyas are repurposed as venues, please be careful of steps and stairs.
Is entry possible with a baby stroller? Are there any resting areas?
Some venues allow entry with a baby stroller. If entering a venue with a stroller is difficult, it is possible to leave it at the reception.
Is it possible to leave baggage? Are there coin lockers available?
It is possible to leave baggage at the venue while at the exhibition, but if you are visiting multiple venues we cannot keep your baggage.
Please leave it at the tourist information center, your lodging, or coin lockers found at stations.
Is it possible to eat and drink inside the venues? Are there resting areas?
Eating and drinking inside the venues is prohibited. In order to protect the artwork, bringing in cups that cannot be sealed is prohibited. If you bring such an item, you can leave it with the staff. There are no resting areas inside the venues.
Is there free wifi?
We do not provide free wifi. Please use services such as KYOTO WiFi which is provided by Kyoto City.

Where can I get a brochure?
Brochures can be found at the reception of each venue or the Information Machiya. They can also be found in tourist information centers, commercial facilities, restaurants and art galleries located in Kyoto City.
What can cause venues to close?
We may close a venue due to suspension of public transportation, severe weather conditions, equipment malfunction, and other similar reasons. In that case, we will notify you via the website or social media. To check which days an exhibition is closed, please check the calendar.


What are the COVID infection prevention measures that are in place?
The infection prevention measures implemented at KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival follow the direction taken by the country, Kyoto Prefecture and Kyoto City.
More details can be found on the link below.
Are masks necessary to enter?
The decision to wear a mask is left to the individual. This also applies for staff members. Thank you for your understanding.
Is it possible to enter with a face shield?
Yes, it is possible.
Is it possible to take pictures of the artwork (with a camera, a digital camera or phone cameras)?
It depends on the venue. Please ask a staff member.
Is it possible to use pictures and videos taken at the venues?
◇ The following behavior is prohibited:
・Taking a photograph in a way that disturbs other visitors
(Taking photos for a long period of time, occupying a large amount of space)
・Portrait photography using an artwork or exhibition space as the background
・Using flash, tripods and selfie sticks
・Taking a close-up photograph of a single artwork
・Taking a video
・Taking a photograph of artworks with a "no photography" sign and exhibition space
Depending on the level of crowd, staff members may decide to prohibit taking photographs.

◇ Notes on use of photographs taken at the venues
・Photographs cannot be used for commercial purposes
・Do not change/alter artworks that you have photographed
・Do not use photographs for anything that exceeds private use
(If using photographs for a blog, social media or other photograph sharing service, please do so at your own risk)
・KYOTOGRAPHIE will not be responsible for any trouble that arises from photographs
Is it possible to use images of the artwork found on the website and catalogue?
Using images found on the website or the catalogue cannot be used.
Is it possible to take notes inside the venues?
Yes, it is possible. Please use a pencil when taking notes. However, depending on their duty staff members may use ballpoint pens in areas without artwork (e.g., reception).

Others その他

Where can I purchase official merchandise?
Official merchandise are sold at the Information Machiya and paid venues. However, the venues usually only sell particular merchandise, so to view all merchandise please go to the Information Machiya.
The online shop sells several of the merchandise as well.
Is official merchandise sold online?
Yes, but only a select few merchandise are sold online.
In case merchandise is sold out, will it be restocked during the exhibition period?
Sold out items will not be restocked. Please purchase your desired merchandise as soon as possible.
Where can I purchase official merchandise?
Please contact the following email address/phone number:
TEL 075 708 7108
Are you accepting applications for support staff?
We are recruiting when the occasion arises.
Please apply by contacting the email below: