2024.04.13 - 05.12

Performance & Music event|Inspiration SOURCE



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This year's theme for KYOTOGRAPHIE is "SOURCE."
Each performing artist will travel around KYOTOGRAPHIE, picking up fragments of inspiration. The expression of photography will give birth to yet another new expression, linking together and expanding the source.

An experimental evening where you can witness secondary expressions.

Which artist's work was the inspiration?
We hope you will enjoy this event while imagining and having a drink.

Yoriyas (Yassine Alaoui Ismaili)★KYOTOGRAPHIE Main Program Exhibiting Artists
Yoko Higashino [ANTIBODIES Collective](DANCE)
Shiori Shinoda × Meri Otoshi(PERFORMANCE)
Honda Q × Jackie Gen(RAP × SP-404)
almond [Soft](DJ)

This is a circulation-type event held in the exhibition space of TIME'S, the venue of the exhibition.
Yoriyas (Yassine Alaoui Ismaili), an exhibiting artist at this year's KYOTOGRAPHIE main program, will participate as a special guest!
An evening where Kyoto and Moroccan cultures will mix.

Which artist's work will be the inspiration?
Please enjoy the evening while imagining which artist's work will be the inspiration for your work, and relax with a drink or two.

*During the event, you will also be able to view the TIME'S. (No passport ticket required)
  • Yoriyas (Yassine Alaoui Ismaili)

    ©︎Yoriyas (Yassine Alaoui Ismaili)

    ©︎Yoriyas (Yassine Alaoui Ismaili)

    Moroccan photographer and choreographer. In 2013, while traveling the world as a professional break dancer, he gave up his career as a dancer due to a serious knee injury. This led him to master a new artistic approach to photography as a means of self-expression, and since 2015, he has been sublimating his physical expression into photography as well. He is internationally acclaimed and was recently named one of the artists to watch by The New York Times. From performance to photography, his work focuses on how people live and fit in cities and public spaces.

    ASPHODEL / 出町桝形商店

  • Yoko Higashino [ANTIBODIES Collective]



    Since the late 90s, Yoko Higashino has been presenting works that utilise physicality in various forms, from the performing arts to the music scene. She currently leads the "ANTIBODIES Collective", a genre-less collective of artists that create dynamic and diverse comprehensive performing arts projects that range from theatres and festivals both in Japan and abroad. These include the Beppu Contemporary Art Festival, Inujima at the Setouchi Triennale, collaborations with overseas artists such as Corpo Surreal in Denmark and tactile BOSCH in the UK, residencies, installations, and workshops. Higashino also actively works on personal training for dancers, workshops at schools and welfare facilities, and communication work rooted in local revitalisation. As a solo dancer, Higashino has received numerous awards, including the Toyota Choreography Award, the Yokohama Dance Collection Solo Duo Competition, and the 2022 Agency for Cultural Affairs Arts Festival Newcomer Award. He is the artistic director of the All Japan Dance Track Association.

  • Shiori Shinoda

    Editor/writer and performer. Shinoda has been performing on stage since she was a child. After joining a Noh club while studying at Kyoto University, she was inspired by the “body” within traditional performing arts; the voice, gestures, and how the body handles space, and began creating works. In 2013 Shinoda formed the performing arts unit Tapota. She mainly works in the Kansai region, performing store opening celebrations, anniversary celebrations, New Year's dedication activities, and collaborations with tea ceremonies. From 2016 to 2020 she presented 14 short works as original masked plays at UrBANGUILD (Kyoto) under the name “Ur Folk Experimental Theater Restaurant”. Shinoda also performs alone in Japan and abroad. After visiting the Amazon region in Central and South America, she became interested in South American shamanism and medicinal herbs, and began studying medicinal cuisine. In 2022, she was invited by the Catholic University of Chile to conduct a one-month residency and work-in-progress in Santiago, and is continuing to collaborate with a director of Mapuche descent.

  • Meri otoshi



    Graduated from the ballet department of Showa Music and Arts Academy. She has performed with musicians, theater companies, and visual artists. Completed the choreography course at the Centre National de Danse Contemporaine Angers in France. She has participated in works by Vincent Manceau, Emmanuelle Huynh, Camille Boitel, Daniel Berton, Cecile Laloy, and others. She teaches workshops as well as regular classes for people and children with various disabilities. She explores the possibilities of dance in other fields and promotes activities to expand dance to familiar places.

  • Honda Q

    In 2003, Honda Q participated in the first album of Koshin, and his unusual rap style quickly attracted attention. He went on to perform mainly in Tokyo under the artist name WAQWADOM. In 2011 he released his first solo album "Kusayami". In 2018 he was involved in the production of "Trip Travel Tour" as Toyoko Massive. In 2020 he moved his operation base to Kyoto and released the EP "Guunone", with tracks provided by DJ KENSEI, NaBTok, and Jackiegen. His unique live performances, which pursue a stylistic intonation unique to the Japanese language and timeless musicality, are a must-see.

  • Jacky Gen

    A Kyoto-born trackmaker, he joined a church gospel band at the age of 15 and later became a hip-hop fanatic. After traveling around the world and purchasing an MPC his return to Japan, he formed THE STRONG PANTALOONS X with MC POPO and percussionist Hibiki.

  • almond [Soft]

    almond[Soft] is the guitarist for the band SOFT, a pillar of the Kyoto music scene. He is active in many units and bands, and also performs as a DJ on the side. He wanders around in search of euphoria and good music.

  • Kometatsu

    organising events and DJing at them. He creates a wallpaper-like atmosphere with chilled-out music that feels as if it were filled with whispers and messages.

  • ENTER [OT29]

    Painter. His paintings are in a "NEO Ukiyo-e" style that evokes a Japanese rhythm, inspired by the art games of the early Meiji period. ENTER is adept at expressing modesty and wabi-sabi, making use of Japanese shadows. His method of expression focuses on architecture, bringing out the charm of each building and creating murals that fit the environment. He has had honourable achievements in competitions such as Secret Wars in London and Live Paint Dojo in Japan.

Date 日時


Venue 会場



92 Nakashima-cho, Higashiiri, Kawaramachi, Sanjo-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto


Subway Tozai Line ”Sanjo-Keihan” Station, or Keihan Line "Sanjo" Station, 3 min on foot

Fess 料金

1000yen *1drink付

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