2024.04.13 - 05.12

"Aiming for a society where people can pursue richness of mind and a humane way of life."



Hachiku-an (Former Kawasaki Residence)

The event will explore the theme of happiness and unhappiness, discussing what factors contribute to these emotions and how society can prioritize happiness. Expert speakers Kazuhiko Matsumura and Shinichi Nakama will offer unique perspectives on achieving true happiness using OMRON's SINIC Theory. Attendees can expect valuable insights on shaping a happier society.
Important Notice
Registrations will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis and will be closed once the maximum number of participants (approximately 50) has been reached.
We plan to upload archived video of event later date.

Speakers Speakers

  • Kazuhiko Matsumura

    Born in 1980, photojournalist Kazuhiko Matsumura started working for the Japanese newspaper Kyoto Shimbun in 2003. Since then he has been exploring topics related to human life, social security, and care work. He has published two photobooks: Subtle Beauty (Kyoto Shimbun Publishing Center, 2014), about the lives of maiko (geisha apprentices) and geiko in Kyoto, and Guru Guru> (self-published, 2016), a personal project tracing the interwoven paths of life through photographs of birth and death in his own family. At KG+ in spring 2019, Matsumura exhibited his series Elusive Rainbow, about the life and work of Dr. Kazuteru Hayakawa (1924–2018), a Kyoto-based pioneer of elderly-friendly medical care. Having been on the receiving end of the medical care system himself, Dr. Hayakawa possessed a multifaceted view of issues surrounding medical care. Elusive Rainbow depicts the history of social and medical care in Japan through Dr. Hayakawa’s life; it won an Honorable Mention at the 2021 Canon New Cosmos of Photography Awards. Heartstrings was unveiled at KG+SELECT 2022 and won the jury’s Grand Prize.

  • Shinichi Nakama

    Meet Shinichi Nakama, an Executive Fellow and visionary artist who was born in 1959. Nakama is a highly educated individual, having graduated from both Keio University, Faculty of Engineering, and Saitama University, Graduate School of Economics. As a founding member of the Human Renaissance Institute, Inc., he has been engaged in extensive research on the SINIC Theory, a future prediction theory developed by the founders of OMRON Corporation. Nakama's work centers around the "Do tank" project, which aims to create a future vision of interaction between people and technology. Through his work, Nakama explores themes of "automatic," "autonomous," and "natural," as well as "play," "learning," and "work," in order to create a better understanding of the relationship between humans and technology. Additionally, Nakama has created new fields such as "Terakoya," which nurtures future leaders.

Date 日時


Venue 会場

Hachiku-an (Former Kawasaki Residence)


340 Sanjyo-cho Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto


Subway Karasuma or Tozai Lines ""Karasuma Oike"" station, 5 min on foot from Exit 6
Subway Karasuma Line ""Shijo"" station or Hankyu ""Karasuma"" station, 8 min on foot from Exit 22 or 24

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