2024.04.13 - 05.12

PANEL DISCUSSION "What's Seen by the World of People with Dementia"



Kurochiku Tenshokan 2F

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Speakers Speakers

  • Kazuhiko Matsumura (KYOTOGRAPHIE 2023 Artist)

  • Atsushi Shimosaka (Photographer with early onset Dementia)

    After working as a photographer in his 20s, he joined a major fresh fish specialty store. In 2019, he founded his own fresh fish specialty store company with his colleagues. Just then, at the age of 46, he was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease and resigned from the job. He had been confined to his home, but after receiving support from the Initial–phase Intensive Support Team for dementia and other organizations, he started working as a care worker at the Kyoto City Saiin Senior Day Service Center. Currently, as an employee of the Kyoto Welfare Service Association, an operating corporation, he is mainly in charge of public relations. He also conducts activities to raise awareness for dementia in various locations. He and his wife co-authored and published the book "Kioku Wo Tsunagu (Connecting with Memory).”

  • Satoko Hotta (Professor of Keio University/ Lead of Designing Dementia Hub)

    Satoko Hotta became a professor at the Graduate School of Health Management of Keio University in 2017, after serving as a specially-appointed associate professor at the University of Tokyo’s Institute of Social Science and a visiting professor at Utrecht University. She holds a PhD in International Public Policy from Osaka University. Since junior high school, she has helped people with disabilities to live independently and engaged in work to support and accelerate a transition to more humane and sustainable care and community building. In 2018, she launched the ‘Designing for Dementia Hub’with four organizations: the Keio University Wellbeing Research Center, the Health and Global Policy Institute, Dementia Friendship Club, and issue + design. She supervised the publication of Yusuke Kakei’s How to Walk in the Dementia World, published by WriteRightLight (2021), and How to Walk in the Dementia World: A Practical Guide, published by issue+design (2023).

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Kurochiku Tenshokan 2F


380 Mukadeya-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8214


7 minute walk from Karasuma Station on the Hankyu Kyoto Line, 7 minute walk from Shijo Station on the Subway Karasuma Line

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