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KYOTOGRAPHIE Posters Archive Exhibition

Prior to opening of KYOTOGRAPHIE 2019 the festival will hold a poster archive exhibition to celebrate the renewal of NTT West Collaboration Plaza.

This year is the 7th edition of KYOTOGRAPHIE, our poster exhibition celebrates the journey we have gratefully taken with you since 2013!

KYOTOGRAPHIE believes our poster is one of the most meaningful ways to communicate with our audience, it carries the annual message and the main visuals.

We look forward to seeing you for the 7th edition of KYOTOGRAPHIE, opening on Saturday, April 13th!

◼️Dates: 2019.3.18 Mon.ー3.29 Fri.
◼️Opening Time: 09:30ー17:00 (except Sat./Sun./Holidays)
◼️Venue: NTT West Sanjo Collaboration Plaza
◼️Access: Subway Karasuma/Tozai Line “Karasumaoike” Station.