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KYOTOGRAPHIE Kids Competition Exhibition 2023

Let’s break the ‘BORDER'! & Petit Bateau Exhibition “Stripe Hide and Seek”

The finalists' photographs of KYOTOGRAPHIE Kids competition will be exhibited during the festival, as well as the finalists' photographs of Petit Bateau Photo contest: [シマシマかくれんぼ] "Striped Hide and Seek."

In the exhibition, there will be a Kids' Corner Space which will welcome the children for free craft activities, including creating their own photobooks using washi and origami paper.
Fee: Free

The KYOTOGRAPHIE KIDS Competition 2023 was open to students from grades 1 to 9 in schools in the Kansai area.
After learning the basics of photography using our school tutorial, children were invited to explore their own interpretation of the word BORDER in a photograph.
We received 392 pictures and selected 52 winning pieces. We will exhibit them during KYOTOGRAPHIE.

2023 Participating schools:
Kyoto City Takakura Elementary School, Kyoto International School, Lycée Français International de Kyoto, St. Agnes’ Junior High School, Osaka YMCA International School, Osaka International School, Doshisha International School - Kyoto, Rakuwakai Jidokan (Otowa Jidokan, Kasan Jidokan, Otsuka Jidokan, Fukakusa Jidokan)

2023 Jury members :
Jennifer Henbest de Calvillo (Art teacher, Osaka International School)
Isao Kisanuki (Art teacher, St. Agnes’ Junior High School)
Gisèle March Art instructor (Doshisha International School - Kyoto)
Wendy Carroll (Art teacher, Kyoto International School)

Venue 会場

NTT WEST Sanjo Collaboration Plaza


604, Banocho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto