2024.04.13 - 05.12

For Photographers 写真家向けプログラム

KYOTOGRAPHIE offers photography education for amateur and professional photographers.

The festival's participating photographers annually collaborate with KYOTOGRAPHIE to present a tailored MASTERCLASS program. The festival also allows photographers to share their work and receive constructive feedback and opportunities with the international portfolio review.

Portfolio Review ポートフォリオレビュー

We welcome you to the ninth edition of our International Portfolio Review.
KYOTOGRAPHIE Portfolio Review is a coveted meeting place for industry professionals and photographers. The event brings together leading figures in the field of photography including curators, editors, gallerists, festival directors, publishers, photographers, and professionals in the field of contemporary art.


2024.4.12 Fri. – 14 Sun.


31th, March, 2024 23:59 (JST)

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  • © 2023 Naoyuki Ogino

    © 2023 Naoyuki Ogino

Masterclass マスタークラス

KYOTOGRAPHIE masterclasses are open to all who take, view and experience pictures. Our 2024 program brings together the brightest minds to help you hone your craft. All masterclasses are with participation fees and require application. Please email masterclass@kyotographie.jp for inquiries and to apply.

Approach to Typology

This masterclass focuses on typology, the discipline of studying and interpreting types and symbols. When employed and executed well in photographic expressions, it creates a compelling series of images of a particular subject. Participants will learn how to distill the essence of their chosen themes or subjects, and improve skills in narrative and stylized visual storytelling.

Date / Time

Sunday April 14th
11:00 - 12:00 Gallery Tour
14:00 - 19:00 Masterclass on Typology


Gallery Tour: Kyoto Art Center
Typology Masterclass: Kurochiku Makura Building 2F


15,000 JPY

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Operating in a Collective

This seminar-style masterclass is led by exhibiting photographer Thierry Ardouin and his colleague at the photography collective Tendance Floue, Alain Willaume (currently a resident at Villa Kujoyama-Kyoto). Ardouin and Willaume will discuss the ins and outs of an artistic collective and explain the practical applications of the creative visual arts industry for freelance photographers. The seminar will explore the development of visions and concepts, building a team around common projects, content creation, branding, marketing and funding.

Date / Time

Saturday April 20th 18:00〜20:00


Inabata Hall, 1st Floor, French Institute



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©︎ Meyer / Tendance Floue

Photographic Metamorphosis

Viviane Sassen is an artist who alternates between personal, editorial, and commercial works to embrace an interdisciplinary attitude. Known for her unique abstraction of bodies, Sassen uses geometric shapes, bold colors under unmistakable lights, and applies different agents to her photographs in order to create multifaceted works. She says, "You should always be able to judge a photograph on different grounds. On political, social, emotional, but also on personal grounds." In this masterclass, participants will learn how to handcraft experimental pieces by combining separate images and ideas.

Date / Time

Sunday, April 21st 10:00〜17:00


7th Floor Conference Room 8
Kyoto Shimbun



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© Keke Keukelaar