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Masterclass : 「Zanele Muholi」 and 「Isabel Muñoz」
Deadline of submission: 23:59, Friday, March 31st 2017 2017.3.6

Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts, Photographic collections, Yamamoto, Wedding ceremony, 1870’s

Arnold Newman, Igor Stravinsky, composer and conductor, New York, 1946 1946 Arnold Newman / Getty Images

Chikako Yamashiro, Mud man, 2016

in cooperation with AICHI TRIENNALE 2016
© Chikako Yamashiro, Courtesy of Yumiko Chiba Associates

Giada Ripa, Moats round the Tycoon's Palace, from The Yokohama Project 1867-2016 series, 2015
© Giada Ripa

Hanne van der Houde, Emmy and Ben in bed, series Emmy's World, 2013
© Hanne van der Woude

Isabel Muñoz, Istambul, Turquie, from the Mevleví series, 2008
© Isabel Muñoz

Raphaël Dallaporta, The elusive Chauvet – Pont-d’Arc Cave, 2016
© Raphaël Dallaporta / Éditions Xavier Barral

René Groebli, The Eye of Love, # 535
© René Groebli, courtesy Galerie Esther Woerdeho

Robert Mapplethorpe, Tulip, 1984
© Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation. Used by permission.

Yan Kallen, Self / Family / Society / Nature, 2015
© Yan Kallen

Nobuyoshi Araki, A Desktop Love, 2016
© Nobuyoshi Araki, Courtesy of Taka Ishii Gallery

Photography by TOILETPAPER: Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.

Zanele Muholi, Bester 1, Mayotte, 2015
© Zanele/Stevenson/Yancey Richardson

agnés b. Photographic Collection, Olivia Bee, Pre-Kiss, 2010
© of the artist and Collection agnés b.

Organizer: KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival
Co-organizers: Kyoto City, Kyoto Municipal Board of Education

Main Sponsor : BMW

The Kyotographie International Photography Festival is held annually over four weeks during the height of the spring tourist season in Kyoto, in a style that is unique in Asia. Exhibitions are spread across the city, staged creatively in various traditional and contemporary settings. The exhibitions and events create opportunities, bringing people together of all ages, cultures and backgrounds. Now recognized as one of the world’s leading photography events, Kyotographie has attracted some 250,000 visitors from within Japan and overseas since 2013.
Our theme for 2017 is .

“Photography is a love affair with life”. It is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. For its 5th Anniversary Edition, KYOTOGRAPHIE wishes to celebrate love in – and through photography.
Love is all together passion, ecstasy, prayers; it is despair and sometimes madness, joy and hope, family – and much more. Love is what connects us to others and to nature.

Through our program, we wanted to share some views of love with the diversity, the commitment and the intimacy of photographersʼ eyes. Because love is primary.”

(Lucille Reyboz & Yusuke Nakanishi, Co-founders and Directors of KYOTOGRAPHIE)

1. Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts, Photographic collections

TORAYA Kyoto Gallery

2. Arnold Newman

Special show: BMW Art Car by Andy Warhol
Nijo-jo Castle Ninomaru Palace Daidokoro Kitchen and Tonan Sumi-yagura (Southeast Watchtower)

3. Chikako Yamashiro

Horikawa Oike Gallery 1・2F

4. Giada Ripa

Gallery SUGATA

5. Hanne van der Woude


6. Akihito Yoshida

Former Shinpukan

7. Susan Barnett

Former Shinpukan (Aneya-koji Wall)
8. Raphaël Dallaporta

The Museum of Kyoto Annex 1F
9. René Groebli

supported by NESPRESSO
The Museum of Kyoto Annex 2F


Kondaya Genbei Chikuin-no-Ma
11. Isabel Muñoz

Kondaya Genbei Kurogura
12. Yan Kallen

13. Nobuyoshi Araki

Ryosokuin(Kenninji Temple)
15. Zanele Muholi

Golden Week Special Program
16. agnés b. Photographic Collection

Associated Program
Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritumeikan University

KYOTOGRAPHIE offers programs for everyone, students, children, amateurs and professionals. These include masterclasses with internationally renowned photographers and a two day International Portfolio Review. The exhibitions are accompanied by inexhibition talks and events. The festival also hosts workshops, children’s events, and guided tours throughout the festival.

Cooperated by

Culture City of East Asia 2017 Kyoto,
ICOM (International Council of Museums) Kyoto 2019