© Omar Victor Diop, Courtesy of Magnin-A Gallery.

Marie Liesse, Musée Rodin. With both hands, Louis studies the hollows and protrusions of the sculpture shaped by the hands of Rodin.
Musée Rodin. Paris. France . 2013 ©︎ Marie Liesse

© Pierre-Elie de Pibrac / Agence Vu’

© Atsushi Fukushima

Kai Fusayoshi, Throwing umbrellas. 1978 © Kai Fusayoshi

25 days in tatsumachi studio / 鈴木薬局 眼鏡部 Suzuki Pharmacy Optometry #002, 2015 © Mari Katayama

Wing Shya, In the mood for love, 2000. Courtesy of Wing Shya.

Marjan Teeuwen, Destroyed House Krasnoyarsk 1, 2010

Heatwave © Elsa Leydier x Ruinart

左:《 種 》2018 ©︎ 外山 亮介 右:《 芽 》2018 ©︎ 外山 亮介


KYOTOGRAPHIE international photography festival

8th Edition

Around the world, more and more of the population is suffering from
The result of making profit and indulging in self-interest at any cost has made our society
and environment crumble.
We face now an invisible terror, a virus sweeping across the world eroding our systems and
security. Acting alone is no longer an option, we must abandon our myopic governments
and attitudes to band together to create a new paradigm.  
The word “VISION” refers our physical functional vision, but also the mind’s eye. 
In these unprecedented times, what kind of future does the world see?
For KYOTOGRAPHIE 2020, “VISION” gathers diverse perspectives. In order to change the
world, we must first change our “VISION” of it. After all, the world is created by our
collective consciousness.
When we perceive the world’s problems as a cumulative effect of generations of
mismanagement and avoidance, assume responsibility for our past, and future actions as a
species we can change the world.
Let’s share our VISION!

Lucille Reyboz & Yusuke Nakanishi,
Co-founders and Directors of KYOTOGRAPHIE