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For this edition of KYOTOGRAPHIE, the festival will limit the number of people in each exhibition space,
implementing, where possible and reasonable social distancing, this is as a part of the festival’s COVID-19 preventive measures.
Since longer waiting times are expected at some of the venues (listed below)
we recommend that you make an advance reservation online.

This will help to avoid disappointment and waiting times.

05. Marjan Teeuwen | Venue: Itoyu Machiya
09. Marie Liesse | Venue: Atelier Mitsushima Sawa-Tadori
09. Marie Liesse | Huratto Program

  • Reservation is ONLY available online via our website.
  • Reservation is available from 7 days to 2 hours before your visit.
  • You may enter the exhibition without a reservation, but you might have to wait if reservations are in high numbers.
  • You need your ‘Passport Ticket’ or a ‘Single Venue’ ticket to enter.
  • The tickets are available at all our charged venues. Please see the website for more info on ticketing. Please see the ‘Ticket’ page for more info.
  • Your reservation will be cancelled, If you are late.
  • Entry may be slow or delayed, so please plan accordingly.

【About 04 & 05 Itoyu Machiya】
Itoyu Machiya is a venue for 04. Atsushi Fukushima and 05. Marjan Teeuwen. Marjan Teeuwen’s exhibition consists of two parts; the photography exhibition and the architectural installation. Since the architectural installation will be offered as a guided tour with a limited number of people entering at time, we have implemented an advanced reservation system. Only the architectural installation can be reserved. Since reservations are not taken for 04. Fukushima’s and the photography exhibition of 05 Marjan Teeuwen, you might have to wait if there is congestion.

※ The details are subject to change due to the COVID-19 situation or the level of congestion. KYOTOGRAPHIE appreciates your understanding.
※ There is no parking at 09. Marie Liesse. Please please use public transport.