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Press Freedom and Combative Expression

5.6 Mon. 15:00—17:00

mumokuteki hall


Kouki Tange (Yellow Brain representative and video artist)
Natsuki Yasuda (Photojournalist)
Eileen Mioko Smith (Green action directer/Photojournalist)
Mayumi Taniguchi

The continuing suppression of freedom of expression, loss of trust in journalism and truth that remains out of reach. We do nothing but admire what we have gained, and have finally just begun to realize the magnitude of what we have lost. From now on, in what ways will we face the truth, freedom and trust? Instead of always taking the side of criticism when talking about issues, we must think of the problem as our own and about what we can do to solve it. Join us in pursuit of a new era and new forms of expression by exchanging ideas about the issues of “freedom of expression” and “expression and violence”.

Collaboration: human forum
Kouki Tange
mumokuteki hall
3F humanforum Bldg, 261, Shikibe-cho,Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8066

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