Press Release [ EN: PDF 1.5MB ] 2018.3.28
Press Release [ JP: PDF 2MB ] 2018.3.20

Vol.02 KG+ PAPER [ EN&JP 1.5MB ] 2018.6.6
Vol.01 KG+ PAPER [ PDF 2MB ] 2018.5.2

KG+ is an art festival which began in 2013, with the aim to expose and support emerging photographers and curators. Coinciding with KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival, KG+ serves as an international hub for sharing information between photographers, curators and gallerists from around the world. In its 6th year in 2018, a total of 5 programs will be presented: Award, Group Show, Special Exhibition, Associated Program and Gallery Program.
With the aim to internationally expose new talent from Kyoto, a call for participants was made wishing to work on a global scale, and 21 exhibitions were selected for the KG+ Award. Participatory programs open to the local community will also take place, which will enable culture to be appreciated in everyday environments. These many expressive forms being presented in various parts of Kyoto city will bring together people and local communities, and will surely give birth to new relationships and discoveries.