make the poison 9771 ©Yishay garbasz & Yumi Song

make the poison 9771 ©Yishay Garbasz & Yumi Song

This is an exhibition of new and past works, and the cumulation of two months of living and working together in Kyoto. Yishay branded her mother’s Auschwitz number on her arm, a part of her ongoing investigation into the inheritance of traumatic memories from her mother’s Holocaust experience. Yumi Song’s father survived a massacre early in life, a fact that has been an impetus to her artistic interests. Song made works about herself and her father.Through these and other works she has been exploring the communality and celebration of life of people of different backgrounds.

Baexong Arts Kyoto
27-3, Nakafudanotsuji-cho, Higashikujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto

2016/04/30 ー 05/08 15:00-19:30


イシャイ・ガルバシュ Yisha Garbarz
Born in Israel; based in Berlin

ユミソン Yumi Song http://yumisong.net
Born in Japan; based in Tokyo