・No restrictions in age, career, nationality, levels of experience.
・Photography exhibitions being held in Kyoto, including exhibitions that incorporate photographic elements, such as video and installation art.
・Galleries may not apply
・Exhibitions with a duration of over 10 days and include April 11 (Wed) -April 22 (Sun) in the exhibition dates. Exhibitions must be open April 11-15, and April 20-22.
* Finalists will be selected between April 11-14, therefore exhibition venues are due to be inspected on those dates.
Accepted dates: April 3-22 (closed: April 16 (Mon)); April 11-May 13 (closed: April 17 (Tue), 18 (Wed), 19 (Thu))
Not accepted: April 13- May 1
*Regarding exhibitions that are open only during the first half of KG+, selected works from exhibitions chosen by the KG+ Executive Committee may be exhibited for an extended period in a venue secured by the KG+ Executive Committee (Former Junpu Elementary School, for example), for the entire duration of KG+.

The selection will be made by members of the KG+ Executive Committee, and confirm participating artists of both the Award and Exhibition (scheduled for January 2018).
Selected exhibitions will be shown in the MAP, flyers, website and other media.
Exhibitions that are not selected may be introduced and promoted via Fringe (an especially created website).

・The choosing of Award finalists and winner of the Grand Prix
Invited specialists and members of the KG+ Executive Committee will select and judge the exhibitions, and the finalists (3-5 exhibitions) will be announced at the Opening Party. The winner of the Grand Prix will be announced at the Closing Party.

・Selection Criteria
Quality of work, expressive techniques, creative originality of exhibiting methods
Potential for new uses of local resources (including unique, creative use of space)
Feasibility of exhibition proposal (production plan, schedule, etc.)
Future potential of applicants

Applicants must secure their own exhibition venue within Kyoto city, then fill in the online application form on the website to register and apply.

KG+ Venue
・Former Junpu Elementary School (total 10 spaces available)
・Kyoto-style climbing kiln(1 space available)http://kyotostyle-climbing-kiln.info/ info_kgplus@kyotographie.jp

Inquiries about venue information within Kyoto city (Japanese/English)
Kyoto Keiken・Machizukuri Center

Kyoto Art Map
Galleries and various other institutions are introduced on this map. Please contact galleries directly.


To help you with exhibition venue inquiries and negotiations, volunteer interpreters may be introduced (French, English, Spanish, Russian, etc.):
KG+ Office
info_kgplus@kyotographie.jp(Japanese/ English/ French)

Compile all required documents below into 1 file, and using an online storage service, add the link file to the application form.
・Description of exhibition (refer to the 2016/2017 website and the artist statements introduced there. Write in third-person, under 400 letters in Japanese, or under 300 words in English)
・Venue plan (exhibition layout added onto venue plan, hand-drawn/written plans not accepted): plan and photos of venue required
・Venue booking agreement (see example) (a contract which confirms the following: name of person in charge of venue, seal, venue address, letter confirming permission of use)
・Data of work to exhibit (between 5-10 images, JPEG) . Image titles must take on the format in the captions below:
(List number_name of artist_title of work_copyright = image title
e.g. 01_Akira_Otsubo_Code of Shadow_©Akira Otsubo = Code of Shadow)
*Resolution: 300dpi, color setting: CMYK, size: over 230mm length, total 5 works under 50M)
・One profile photo of applicant (Name of applicant required as title of image)
*Resolution: 300dpi, color setting: CMYK, size: 100-150mm length)
・Writing submitted on the application form may be used for promotional purposes, and edited by the KG+ Office. (For reference, please see the artist statements available on the 2016/2017 website)
*Application requirements change from year to year. Please read the contents carefully and make applications upon understanding the requirements. Inadequate applications may not be approved. Applications received past the deadline will not be accepted.

January 5 2018
※Application forms cannot be processed after the deadline. Applications by email will not be accepted.

¥3,000 (via bank transfer or PayPal)
The system is under construction so that payments can be made through Paypal. Upon completion of the entry form,
applicants will be contacted directly by email

Selection meeting (Award: 20 exhibitions; Exhibition: 20 exhibitions to be chosen)
Selection results to be announced on the KG+website
Participating exhibitions of the Award and Exhibition will be publicized on the KG+ Map and website, etc. The works of artists participating in the Award will be featured and published in a booklet. For reference, please see the 2017 KG+ Artist Booklet.
[Mid April]
Judges of the Award to visit the exhibitions. The winner (including the Top 3-5) to be selected.
[A certain day of April]
「KG+ Opening Party and Announcement of Award Finalists」
Finalists of the Award to be announced at the KG+ Opening Party.
Projections of works by KG+ 2018 artists to be shown at party venue.
[A certain day May]
「KG+ Closing Party and Award Ceremony」
The winner of the Grand Prix will be chosen from among the finalists and announced at the KG+ Closing Party.

・Venues for exhibitions must be secured by applicants by 5 January 2018.
・Applicants are responsible for all costs, including venue rental fees, printing, framing, use of projectors, transportation of artworks.
・Applicants are responsible for exhibition surveillance throughout the duration of the event. Organizers claim no responsibility and will not provide any assistance.
・Organizers claim the right to use artists’ texts and images (credit to artists included) freely for publicity purpose, on the KG+ website, and printed materials.
・Cancellation of exhibitions after the KG+ selection may result in a penalty fee (which will go towards costs in re-advertising, etc.).
・Infringement of rights and compensation of damage claimed by third parties must be handle by, and is the responsibility of, the applicants. Organizers claim no responsibility.

1 exhibition to be selected from the Award candidates. The awarded artist of the exhibition will show their work at KYOTOGRAPHY International Photography Festival 2019, and receive the following support:
・Max. 500,000 Yen exhibition fee (production costs included in the prize money)
・Venue fee
・Promotion and publication in the KYOTOGRAPHY International Photography Festival 2019 Catalogue.

Educational programmes run by KYOTOGRAPHIE, such as master classes, and portfolio reviews conducted by invited international specialists, will be offered at reduced prices. Details will be up on the website in due course.

*Applicants not selected any KG+ exhibitions may participate in the Fringe festival (website created especially for this purpose). Applicants who wish to take part may check the relevant box in the application form. KG+ banners will be available on loan for participating exhibitions throughout the duration of KG+. Fringe means “border”. Throughout the duration of KG+, it is anticipated that a rich variety of exhibitions and events will take place.

Application Form

Organizer:KG+ Executive Committee