Special Exhibition


GestureofRally#1705 ©Hana Sawada

This exhibition features the “Gesture of Rally” series, which starts with the unclear details of a photograph that are then eliminated as noise. The image is constantly misread, repeating analysis and verification, which becomes a work that questions the recognition of “copied items.” The phrase “Gesture of Rally,” was inspired by the last scene of a movie called “Blowup” by director Michelangelo Antonini, in which the protagonist, a photographer, is watching a tennis game. Just as the hero thinks he has unwittingly captured a dead body on film, Hana Sawada developed this work after finding incidents in photographs of used books.

OPEN 2018/04/13 ー 04/29 11:00-19:00 (-20:00 on Friday) CLOSED Monday
VENUE  Gallery PARC 604-8165 2F,3F,4F, 502, Eboshiya-cho, Nakagyo-ku


It come down from the mountain #5 ©Yuki Moriya

“It comes down from the mountain” is a project that pursues the wild boars that are common around the foot of Mt. Rokko in Kobe. “You could say that the words “artificial nature” apply to the city, against a backdrop of the devastation of Mt. Rokko, and moving toward conservation efforts. And isn’t that idea the image of a wild boar that suddenly appears beyond the mesh?” Asking this question as a starting point, the artist deals with visualizing how to cross “city/nature/body” with the existence of wild boar and the relation between management and non-management, including using his own body to intervene in the region.

OPEN 2018/05/04 ー 05/20 11:00-19:00(-20:00 on Friday) CLOSED Monday
VENUE  Gallery PARC 604-8165 2F,3F,4F, 502, Eboshiya-cho, Nakagyo-ku


© Go Itami

Photographer Go Itami, who is held in high esteem both domestically and abroad, holds an exhibition highlighting the nature of flatness, and appeals to the power of visuals.
Continuing to explore the relationship between photographs and tools, as well as expression and technique, “photographic equipment for artists” with various goods from SIGMA are exhibited.

OPEN 2018/04/14 ー 05/13 11:00-19:00  CLOSED Wednesday
VENUE SferaExhibition 605-0086 2F SferaBuiding, 17 Benzaitan-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto
Sponsor: SIGMA

FOVEON Special Talk
“The collection and photography techniques according to the photographer”
Part 1: 14:00-15:00
“One more photography technique ‘printmaking’ with Foveon Sensor”
Lecturer: Hitoshi Suzuki (Book designer/Photography Critic)
“According to the photographer, the collection is a destination point,” says Hitoshi Suzuki, the purpose of this seminar is how “the photographer aims for making a catalogue of works.”
Part 2: 15:30-17:00
Dialogue: “Photography Talk. Camera Talk.”
Hitoshi Suzuki (Book designer/Photography Critic) x Go Itami (Photographer)
A discussion concerning “photography and technique” with Go Itami, who continues to face his own view of photography through a dialogue with Suzuki.
Relay Talk
「Ways of Seeing ~to look・to photograph~」
Go Itami x Mika Kobayashi
A dialogue with Mika Kobayashi (a photography researcher); she observes Itami’s viewpoint and attitude, as a photographer who basks in international attention.


Sub Rosa, Palingénesie ©Estelle Delesalle

Palingenesia (or palingenesis) is a Greek word used in philosophy, theology, politics, and biology. It describes the general concept of regeneration or re-creation. In theology, Palingenesia is the Christian belief of symbolic reincarnation through baptism; in philosophy it implies a wider theory of rebirth of the human soul, without the destruction of the flesh becoming a new personification. Estelle Delesalle’s first exhibition in Japan shows the implication of “reincarnation” and the nuance and meaning of “Palingenesia,” as well as the change in its meaning between concept and legend, developed into an installation. From inside the ashes, the moment an image of a rose hatches. In a pane of glass, plants grow from the earth. The change in these works are slow, a moment that cannot be captured.
This is a glimpse of the existence of “Palingenesia.”

OPEN 2018/04/13 ー 05/12 10:00-20:00 (17:30 on Saturday) CLOSED Sunday, Monday, and National holidays
VENUE  WACOAL STUDYHALL KYOTO Gallery 601-8411 Wacoal Shinkyoto Bld. 1F, 6, Kitanouchi-cho, Nishikujo, Minami-ku, Kyoto
Organizer: KG+

4/13 19:00-20:30
Talk Session “Absence as an Engine for Creation”
Using “Palingenesia” as a starting point, the artist will give a talk about “Absence as an Engine for Creation.” After the talk, there will be a dialogue between Delesalle and the exhibition’s curator about her work process, the opening of her audience-participation performance in “NUIT BLANCHE” in Paris, as well as the relation of culture and art to civic life.
Speakers: Estelle Delesalle (Artist), Eriko Noguchi (KG+ Co-Program Director)
Free Admission/ No Reservation Required


this is not the end @Koji Ishikawa

The Japan Photo Award is the largest independent photography award in Japan, established by EINSTEIN STUDIO with the aim of showing new Japanese talent to the world. The winners of this award have had opportunities to contract with famous galleries, publish photo books, exhibit in prestigious museums and galleries, collaborate with famous fashion brands, and have been selected as a collection of La Fondation d’entreprise Hermès and Fondazione Prada. In addition, NEW JAPAN PHOTO is a photo catalogue of emerging Japanese photographers first published in 2016, it has been published twice a year since then. The catalogue was made to connect the artists with gallerists, curators, and art fans. A selection of works from the catalogues will be presented in this exhibition.

OPEN 2018/04/14 ー 05/13 11:00-21:00  CLOSED None
VENUE HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO  601-8044 7, Aketa-cho, Higashikujo, Minami-ku Kyoto

Curator: Toshiki Yagisawa