The application for 2016 is closed.
We received a lot of applications for this year.
Thank you very much for your application.

KG+ will be held from (Fri.) 04/22/2016 to 05/22/2016 (Sun.)
in the city of Kyoto, Japan.

We are an equal opportunity event. Age, nationality, occupation and experience will not be taken into account.

While we accept all applications and consider them we require a certain level of experience and/or technical ability.

・A solo show using the photographic medium, whether it’s a set of prints, video or an installation. We may make an exception for some form of collaboration across medium and suggest you inquire before submitting an application. ALL applications must have a need photographic element at their core. The exhibition can be set indoors or outdoors.

・ The exhibition will be held for a minimum of 3 days between 04/22/2016 and 05/22/2016.

The exhibition should be produced by the artist, his gallery or co-produced by with the venue.

Submitted entries will be evaluated by the KG+ executive committee.

・ Selection criteria
The originality and innovative nature of the work.

The novel and practical use of surrounding resources for the exhibition (i.e. creative and alternative locations).
The feasibility (the production and execution) of the exhibition (production, budget, schedule etc.)

The applicant has to secure a venue in Kyoto city for his/her exhibition and input all the necessary information on the website’s entry form.

Venue search
For information on available venues in Kyoto city, please contact the Kyoto center for community collaboration (in Japanese or English):

Venue communication intermediary
If you have any difficulties communicating with potential venues due to a language barrier, we have volunteers that are ready to help you. Please keep in mind that the volunteers will only act as translating intermediaries; it is not their task to find suitable venues, negotiate the terms of an agreement etc…
Volunteers for: English, French, Spanish and Russian.

All the required data listed below should be regrouped into a single file/folder stored on an online storage service and the link should subsequently be sent by e-mail.

– Exhibition data (10 photos or less, JPEG, total of less than 100MB) as well as captions*.
– Resolution: 300dpi, CMYK color model, at least 230mm in length.
– Venue booking agreement.

*Captions will be used for publicity, and thus need to be standardised.

Entries should be made in advance of the 10/01/2016 deadline.
No exceptions*.

*The entry form will be disabled after the deadline. Entries by email past deadline will not be accepted.


Contest announcement on the KG+ website.
The selection of around 30 venues and participants, the KG+ program map will be published on our website. The collected works from participants are also set to be published.

The winner of the KG+ AWARD by GRAND MARBLE will be announced at the opening party.
KG+ participants will conduct a presentation on their works, which will then be displayed on a large 360-degree screen.

A one-off night event in Kyoto City is planned. Work from participants will be displayed in an open-air setting.

Further details TBA

• Participants must secure a venue by 10/01/2016.

• Venue rental fees, prints, picture framing, projectors, logistics and all other fees related to the exhibition are under the sole responsibility of the applicant.
• The fees incurred by participants attending or supervising an exhibition are the sole responsibility of the participant. There will be no financial assistance from the organisers of this event.
• The organisers of the event reserve the right to freely publish the participant’s information on the KG+ website or any printed materials for any matters of publicity.
• The organiser does not take any responsibility whatsoever for any claim of compensation for damages or injuries caused by a third party. This responsibility lies solely with the participant.

KG+ participants will be automatically nominated for this award. The award winners will be granted an exhibition at the 2017 KYOTOGRAPHIE festival. This exhibition will receive the following support:
• Exhibition expenses: A budget of up to 500,000 JPY to produce a new piece/body of work.
• Production (printing, framing), setting and venue cost.
• KYOTOGRAPHIE 2017 catalogue print and promotion.

KG+ exhibitions will automatically be nominated for the audience award. One of the exhibitions will be selected by visitors and the award recipient will be announced at the closing party, on the website & social media at the end of KG+2016.

Being a part of KG+ also means you will be invited to KYOTOGRAPHIE and KG+ opening parties and eligible for significant discounts to KYOTOGRAPHIE’s extensive education program, including Master Classes and an International Portfolio Review.
More details to follow shortly.