Tamaki Yoshida

10/10 Celebrating Japanese Women Photographers


KG+SELECT 2021 Award “Grand Prix by GRAND MARBLE”

Curated by
Pauline Vermare,
Lucille Reyboz and
Yusuke Nakanishi


Negative Ecology ©︎ Tamaki Yoshida

Negative Ecology ©︎ Tamaki Yoshida

Negative Ecology ©︎ Tamaki Yoshida

Yoshida has a special connection to nature. In 2018, she started creating work to express the energy of nature using a thermography camera to create art pieces that visualize the breath. Yoshida won the “CANON New Cosmos of Photography” grand prize in 2019 with this work. Yoshida’s experimental and abstract attempt to associate the results of this research is an ongoing project. Yoshida is the winner of the “KG+ Select” Grand Prix in 2021 with her work, “Negative Ecology.” Negative Ecology was taken in Hokkaido, northern Japan. To create this multidimensional work Yoshida uses various external elements/additives like detergent and abrasives in her development process. These negatives exist as a metaphor for wildlife and nature that have been contaminated and destroyed. The images that emerge from these damaged negatives have a powerful impact depending on how you look at them.
10/10 Celebrating Japanese Women Photographers
Co-curated by Pauline Vermare, Independent curator and photography historian (formerly cultural director of Magnum Photos and curator at ICP, New York) and Co-founders/Co-directors of KYOTOGRAPHIE, Lucille Reyboz and Yusuke Nakanishi. Through the series shown in the exhibition, we see a reflection and perspective distinctive to each photographer, whether they are living and working in Japan or abroad. These powerful images will be presented in a scenography that embodies the KYOTOGRAPHIE spirit and gives each artist her own customized space, thanks to versatile and sustainable structure, conceived by Kyoto-based designer and architect Hiroyasu Konishi.

This exhibition is supported by Women In Motion, a Kering program that shines a light on the talent of women in the fields of arts and culture. Since 2015, Women In Motion has been a platform of choice for helping to change mindsets and reflect on women’s place and recognition across artistic fields.

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