Ryosuke Toyama外山亮介


presented by Kiwakoto

Left: SEED, 2018 ©︎Ryosuke Toyama
Right: SPROUT, 2018 ©︎Ryosuke Toyama

SPROUT, 2018 ©︎Ryosuke Toyama

Kyoto Marugoto Museum Myokaku-ji Temple "CRAFTS / SYMBIOSIS / LIGHT” 2019 ©︎Ryosuke Toyama

Toyama was born in 1980 and has a generational family background in the kimono dyeing industry. In his 20’s, he photographed 20 young artisans. Ten years later, he revisited these artisans and photographed them again. They were photographed using a homemade camera with “ambrotype (wet glass plate)” technique, which first appeared in 1851 during the early years of photography. When the photo is taken, light and time are fixed directly onto the surface of the life-sized glass plate. Toyama explains that this photographic technique which predates industrialization “felt well-suited to capturing the emotion of artisans who make things by hand”, resulting in finished works with a unique quality and concept of time.

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