Takeshi Sumi


The Light that Connects Time


I create works by making slits in printed photographs. When I hold the resulting photographic print up to the sun, the lines from the slits are illuminated. With hundreds and thousands of slits, the hundreds and thousands of lines of light envelop the subject in the photograph. Photography is a medium that records something that "once was there," and what is photographed is fixed and does not move. However, when a line of light appears in the photograph, it collapses as if time is connected to the presence of the still photograph. The ever-changing intensity and color of the light make the photograph feel alive. In this exhibition, my artwork will be set in a place facing the garden, as I feel a strange link between my works and the garden, whose space has been fixed as it was hundreds of years ago but preserved through constant maintenance. My artwork, on the other hand, is a photograph, which is supposed to be fixed in time but has gained time through light. A garden and a photograph - one stops time with added effort while the other acquires time with such. In this exhibition, I would like to realize the mysterious collaboration of space and time that is created when two entities resonate with each other.


10:00 - 16:00

Entrance charge: 800JPY

Open:3/26-4/30 10:00-16:00
*Night time visit on only Fri. Sat. 17:30-20:00
Closed:Mon. Tue. Wed.

Open time is irregular. Please be careful.


Myorenjimaecho, Kamigyo Ward, Kyoto, 602-8418

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