The wind blew in the alley ©Yuya Miki

This work is the record of a collaboration between two artists residing in Kyoto City, who cooperated with experts to refurbish an adjacent property that was for sale. Yuya Miki, instead of just creating typical “architectural photographs,” focuses on the body of the work, and the temporary appearance of huge items in light and shadow. She tries to capture its current state, based on the mutuality of people involved.
While concerns about vacant homes and the decline of local communities increase throughout the city, this exhibition is developed through the accumulation of dense and rich time, using refurbishment as a subject to find a solution to current conditions.

The open space in the back of Ueda apartment
Ueda Apt. 1F, 39-15, Mibumatsubara-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

2018/04/11 – 04/22 13:00-17:00 (Entrance charge ¥100)
CLOSED 04/16, 04/17

“A medium which bridges time and space”
Talk with Tetuya Masaki (Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Urban Environmental Design
Kyoto Tachibana Univ.) who researches “Jizo” in housing estate.
4/14 14:00-15:30
Fee: ¥500

“Do-Up, catch that mighty wind!”
Talk with people who participated in this renovation.
4/22 14:00-16:00
Fee: ¥500

三木由也 Yuya Miki yuyamiki.com
Born in 1979, Kyoto, Japan; based in Kyoto