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“I am dying (or) living, in this nation of disasters.” Yuki93 was born and brought up in Shizuoka with the constant fear of the Tokai Earthquake, not as a memory of the past but as an engrained fear of a possible future. In the work, the artist explores this fear using indoor and outdoor visual data converted to 3D format and the fragmented images which rise from it. With the question, “How can oblivion be resisted through visual imagery alone?” as a theme, the artist showcases a series of photographic “ghosts” that perceive disaster stricken areas which he has not yet encountered.

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VOX Bld.1F, 44, Daikoku-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

2017/04/10 - 04/23 12:00-20:00
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extend the period 2017/05/03[wed.] – 05/14[sun.] Junpū Elementary School

Closing Party
Date: 04/15 18:00

ユキナインティスリー Yuki93 yuki93.com
Born in 1993, Shizuoka, Japan; based in Kyoto