A Magpie’s Nest ©UedaYaya

Ueda Yaya creates three dimensional objects called “objet d’art,” using collected scrap wood, junk, and items found in a marketplace. The works are made from constantly replacing and joining together different objects. The weight of these objects cannot be supported, thus, a photograph is used to capture the fragile condition of the “objet d’art.” According to Ueda, photographs are a “strong adhesive.” Through a lens, the object is seen from one viewpoint. The permanence of its shape, including the space, is constructed, arranged, and appreciated from many angles, releasing the sculpture from any preconditions. In this exhibition, the artist attempts to capture the details of the shape and color of the objects through photographic works that shoot the “sculpture of a transitory scene.”

galerie 16
3F, 394, Sekisenin-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

2018/5/1 – 5/12 12:00-19:00 (12:00-18:00 on Sunday and lastday)

上田良 Ueda Yaya yayaueda.com
Born in 1989, Osaka, Japan; based in Kyoto