Infinite “Life Accidents 01” ©Suet sum Lai

This exhibition is composed of two series. “Life Accidents” is a series photographing the accidental discovery of overgrown plants that were completely forgotten in Suet-sum’s home. The strength of new life growing from the rotten roots are a symbol of life’s beauty. Confronting life that was born by chance, Suet-sum confronts life and death, expressing the fact that there is no end or beginning, just an infinite cycle. “Moments,” is a pair of works that capture different moments of falling leaves. Shining a light on the beauty of confronting fate, and the strength to fight against severe cold.

Kaho Gallery
15-778-1, Honmachi Higashiyama Kyoto Japan

2018/04/11 – 04/22 12:00-18:00
Open everyday

黎雪沁 Suet-sum Lai suetsum.com
Born in Hong Kong; based in Hong Kong and Paris