RAMRAM ©︎Raita Kuwahara

RAMRAM, along with being the name of a God in Hinduism, can also be used as an everyday greeting. RAITA KUWAHARA has traveled numerous times to a small town called Bundi in Northern India, where she photographs people while exchanging this word. In this exhibition, photographs are in black and white, while the shape of each person floats vividly up, coldly showing the beauty of living with God. Along with photographing her subject, Kuwahara also gives prints of her photographs to the people she shoots, and shares the joy of her art by “photographing, taking photos, and obtaining prints.”

6F Special space 2, Fujii Daimaru
605, Teianmaeno-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

2018/04/13 – 04/30 10:30-20:00
Open everyday

桑原雷太 Raita Kuwahara raitakuwahara.com
Born in 1974, Osaka, Japan; based in Osaka