Nomad. ©Naoki-Miyashita

Naoki Miyashita captures a pile-up and accumulation of people and life as they appear. As he carefully peels off each cross section of accumulation, the depths and the landscape emerge with emotion and dynamic beauty. Latent expressions become uncovered creating a new scene. Miyashita captures the vast landscape of Mongolia in an exhibition presenting nomad life from an aerial point of view.
While gathered at the Koudou-kan academic center of research of Edo-period Japanese culture, questions like “what is culture?” and “what defines human activity?” compare the lifestyle of Mongolian nomads to our present day understanding of “culture.”

Yuuhisai Koudoukan graden, entrance and Gallery
524-1, Mototsuchimikado-cho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto

2018/04/11 – 04/24 10:00-17:00 (Last admission 16:30)
Entrance charge ¥500 / Entrance charge with Japanese tea and confectionery set ¥1,000

Talk session
Talk session by the director of Koudou-kan and Naoki Miyashita, as well as a screening of a film taken in Mongolia.
4/15 15:00-16:30
Entrance Fee (Tea and sweets) : ¥1000

宮下 直樹 Naoki Miyashita miyashitanaoki.net
Born in 1978, Kyoto, Japan; based in Kyoto and Tokyo