I’m walking along Kumano Kodo. ©Mariko Yamamoto

During the Heian Period, nobility traveled a long distance from Kyoto to Kumano, to make a pilgrimage to three Kumano shrines. During the Kamakura Period, common people continued this pilgrimage from Ise to Kumano. These routes to the revered Kumano Shrine is now called “Kumano Kodo,” stretching 1,000km across Japan. In this exhibition, Mariko Yamamoto became fascinated with the charm and beauty of Kumano and, developed this work by photographing the path during autumn.

Kyoto Art Hostel Kumagusuku
37-3, Mibubanba-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto

2018/04/11 – 04/22 13:00-21:00
Open everyday

Sponsor: Tanabe City, Tanabe City Kumano Tourism Bureau
Support: Sony Marketing Inc.

山本まりこ Mariko Yamamoto marikoyamamoto.com/
Born in Saitama Japan; based in Tokyo