Sakura 01 ©kiiro

Stepping away from many years of photographing cosmos flowers, this exhibition presents new work about one of the symbols of Japan, cherry blossoms. The process of creating photomontages, by collaging the artist’s own photographs, involved finding the “poetry” enveloped by the cherry blossoms and giving a painterly quality to the work. Woven like a tapestry, emanating the transience of life, a 4 meter-long folding screen is presented in the exhibition.

Myomanji Temple
91, Iwakura Hataeda-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto

2017/04/12 - 05/14 9:00-16:00(Entrance Fee \500)
Open everyday


キイロ Kiiro http://iwahada.com
Born in 1978, Kanagawa, Japan; based in Tokyo