Utopia ©Kenryou GU

Kenryou Gu finds inspiration in things human and natural, recording these relationships through the visual expression of emotional scenes in his photography. This series explores the landscape of a modern “utopia.” Gu tries to express a conceptual basis that is manifested in non-utopian scenes. Through faithful recording, his works urge the viewer to reconsider the modern world and modern utopias.

Nurse room, 1F Former Junpu Elementary School
609-1, Kakimoto-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

2018/4/11 – 4/22 12:00-19:00
CLOSED 4/16, 4/17

顧 剣亨(コ・ケンリョウ) Kenryou GU kenryougu.com/
Born in 1994, Kyoto, Japan; based in Kyoto