yab ©izima kaoru

With the progression of digital technology, still and moving images are processed, due to people’s insatiable pursuit of ideals of beauty. Kaoru Izima’s work poses the question, “Are human beings not beautiful as they are?” Shot with high-resolution digital camera packs, photographs are enlarged as much as possible, without processing. The title You are Beautiful offers itself as an ode to models used as subjects throughout the course of time, an expression of respect and gratitude.

6, Nishinokyo Nansei-cho, Nakagyou-ku, Kyoto

2017/04/15 - 05/16 12:00-19:00
Open everyday

Sponsorship: Shengen.inc, SUWA architects+engineers

伊島薫 Kaoru Izima izimakaoru.jp
Born in 1954, Kyoto, Japan; based in Tokyo