The Universe at My Feet ©John Einarsen

As small children we existed close to the ground. It is our world, and full of wondrous things. In a puddle, a parallel world appears, scattered leaves are spread out. As we grow older and enter adulthood, the ground from which we discovered so much, slowly recedes from our awareness and memory.
Yet it is always there, an ever-changing universe rich in form, space, and texture.
Graphic symbols are laid down and then fade. In this work, the artist expresses the gentless and delicacy of all things in creation. At our feet is a canvas where we can encounter the beautifully transient nature of our lives and our world.

JARFO Art Square
545, Furukawa-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto

2018/04/13 – 04/29 11:00-18:00

Opening Reception
04/19 17:00-19:00
Fee: Free

ジョン・アイナーセン John Einarsen
Born in 1952, Colorado, USA; based in Kyoto