A=A A≠A(mountain) ©Yuichiro Higashiji

Yuichiro Higashiji tries to record the vague outer layer of what we call “unconsciousness” by actualizing subconscious awareness. This exhibition features the result of one photograph copied 2000 times. To describe the concept of A=A, Higashiji suggests that viewers may expect there to be a vast difference in an image after being reproduced such a large number of times. However, instead of the result being only a copy of the original A, it has taken on a completely new value known as B. He considers this as real proof of the hypothesis.

Science room, 1F Former Junpu Elementary School
609-1, Kakimoto-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

2018/4/11 – 4/22 12:00-19:00
CLOSED 4/16, 4/17

Introduction to yourself.
A talk session including the explanation of A = A A ≠ A that is used in the work.The “world of copying” will be discussed with visitors as well as a description of the reverse of copying.
4/15 15:00-17:00
Free Admission

東地 雄一郎 Higashiji Yuichiro yuichirohigashiji.web.fc2.com
Born in 1983, Aichi, Japan; based in Tokyo