KG+ AWARD 2016 Grand Prix [Publicize]

04/22/2016 (Fri.) to 05/22/2016 (Sun.)
in the city of Kyoto, Japan.

KG + 2016 was held for 31days and successfully closed on 22nd of May.
We greatly appreciate for all of your kind support by visitors, sponsors, participants and the people involved in KG+2016.
See you next edition.

KG+ Organizing Committee


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KG+ was an art project started in 2013 with the aim of showcasing up-and-coming photographers and curators. As the satellite event of KYOTOGRAPHIE, this event serves as a meeting spot for photographers, curators, gallerists and special guests from around the world seeking to exchange information. For the 4th edition of KG+ in 2016, we selected 30exhibitions. Our aim is to give new talent from Japan an international stage and to welcome photographers from across the globe.
Additionally, one of our main goals is to make photographic expression more accessible; to make the exhibits relate to people’s lives. We hope the various venues throughout Kyoto city will help connect local communities and cultivate cultural exchange and discoveries.
What’s more, each year an emerging artist from KG+ is nominated for the KG+AWARD by Grand Marble. The winner will be granted an exhibition at the 2017 KYOTOGRAPHIE festival.

Misprint of the exhibition period on the map
KG+2016 ARTIST 2b Jacqueline Hassink
4/22-5/22 → 4/22-5/8
We deeply apology for this misprint on the map.


KG+ Executive Committee


Kyoto City/ Kyoto Municipal Board of Education

Special sponsor

Grand Marble Corporation


Contact:KG+ Executive Office