2017 KG+ Award 展示風景 | クレール・ド・ヴィリユ Claire de Virieu Nara: A Double Passion
野口家住宅 花洛庵 Noguchi Residence Karaku-an


2017 KG+ Award 展示風景 | 堤麻乃 Asano Tsutsumi Into the Void ル・プチメックOMAKE (3F) Le Petitmec OMAKE (3F)


2017 KG+ Award 展示風景 | 嶋田元菜妃 Monami Shimada 尾行的運動描画 Motion-drawing of Shadow ギャラリー16 galerie16


2017 KG+ Award 展示風景 | 小平篤乃生 Atsunobu Kohira Coalscape 石炭のインキ Coalscape Ink of Coal 食堂ルインズ Ruins


2017 KG+ Award 展示風景 | 牛久保賢二 Kenji Ushikubo Before Folklore ギャラリーメイン galleryMain


2017 KG+ Award 展示風景 | 内倉 真一郎 Shinichiro Uchikura BABY 元・淳風小学校1F プレイルーム
Playroom, Junpū Elementary School 1F


2017 KG+ Award 展示風景 | 溝縁真子 Mako Mizobuchi 火と煙 FuR_Feuer und Rauch/ Fire and Smoke
元・淳風小学校1F 理科室 Science Room, Junpū Elementary School 1F


2017 KG+ Award 展示風景 | 森田具海 Tomomi Morita 2つの川 Two Rivers 元・淳風小学校2F 生活室
Everyday Life Study Room, Junpū Elementary School 2F


2017 KG+ Award 展示風景 | チン・ユウジュウ Yuju Chen 軍歌と恋歌 War Song and Love Song
元・淳風小学校2F 音楽室 Music Room, Junpū Elementary School 2F


2017 KG+ Award 展示風景 | ソフィ・エブラード Sophie Ebrard It's Just Love FRANK WORK STUDIO

Closing Report 2017 [PDF 17.2MB]  2017/6/17
KG+ Award 2017 and Grand Prix decision 2017/4/20
KG+ 2017 Award Selection being held from May 3 at the former Junpu Elementary School. 8 selected exhibitions being reexhibited, including exhibitions which have ended, the Grand Prix, and finalists’ exhibitions.
The former Jumpu elementary school will be open from 11:00am on Sunday 14 May, the final day of the KG+ 2017.  Detail 2017/4/29

14 April- 14 May 2017
in the city of Kyoto, Japan.

 Artist & Exhibition 2017/3/23
 Artist & Exhibition 2017/3/27
 Artist & Exhibition 2017/3/31
 Artist & Exhibition 2017/4/6

KG+ is an art festival which began in 2013, with the aim to expose and support emerging photographers and curators. Coinciding with KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival, KG+ serves as an international hub for sharing information between photographers, curators and gallerists from around the world. In its 5th year in 2017, a total of 4 programs will be presented: Award, Group Show, Special Exhibition, and Associated Program.
With the aim to internationally expose new talent from Kyoto, a call for participants was made wishing to work on a global scale, and 24 exhibitions were selected for the KG+ Award. Participatory programs open to the local community will also take place, which will enable culture to be appreciated in everyday environments. These many expressive forms being presented in various parts of Kyoto city will bring together people and local communities, and will surely give birth to new relationships and discoveries.


KG+Solo Show

野村幹太 Nomura Kanta 吉田寮 Yoshida Dormitory 吉田寮 Yoshida Dormitory

守屋友樹 Yuki Moriya Still Untitled / A Woman S Still Untitled / A Woman S Kyoto Art Hostel Kumagusuku

末積佐英子 Saeko Suezumi Circus Days Circus Days 京都 喫茶ガボール Kyoto Cafe Gabor

福田真知 Masakazu Fukuta essence/風景 essence/fukei アートスペース虹 Art Space Niji

シュヴァーブ・トム Tomas Svab Worldliness for an Old Capital アートスペース虹 Art Space Niji

八木夕菜 Yuna Yagi 祈りの空間 Space of Prayer Bijuu

Special Exhibitions & Events

(Ⅰ) Hyogo Mugyuda  (Ⅱ)Yuki Nakazawa (Ⅰ)Artificial S. (Ⅱ)空白の定義
(Ⅰ)Artificial S. (Ⅱ)Definision for Blank Gallery PARC

Viktoria Sorochinski Anna & Eve Anna & Eve ワコールスタディホール京都 Wacoal Study Hall Kyoto

ジャパン フォト アワード 2016 受賞作家
supported by LUMIX & YellowKorner ホテル アンテルーム京都 HOTEL ANTEROOM KYOTO

堤麻乃 View 3.5(レセプション&音楽ライブ) ル・プチメックOMAKE 3F
Asano Tsutsumi Reception & Music Live Le Petitmec OMAKE 3F

守屋友樹 洞穴の中のサスペンス(田川莉那との対談) Kyoto Art Hostel Kumagusuku
Yuki Moriya Suspense in The Cave(Discussion with Rina Tagawa)

ヴィクトリア・ソロチンスキー ポートフォリオレビュー ワコールスタディホール京都 ギャラリー
Viktoria Sorochinski Portfolio Review WACOAL STUDYHALL KYOTO Gallery

ヴィクトリア・ソロチンスキー アーティストトーク ワコールスタディホール京都 ギャラリー
Viktoria Sorochinski Artist talk WACOAL STUDYHALL KYOTO Gallery

・Viktoria Sorochinski “Anna & Eve” will be open April 29. 2017/4/22
・The period of Yuki93 “New Order” was extended. 2017/4/17
・The period of Kaoru Ijima “You are the beautiful” was changed. 2017/4/12

・[KG+2017] MAP [PDF/4.7MB] and Flyer [PDF/3MB] are available for Download. 2017/4/6
・[KG+2017] 1st Announcement of Special Exhibition and Associated Program 2017/3/7
・[KG+2017] 1st Announcement of Award Artists and Solo Show Artists 2017/2/17

Contact:KG+ Executive Office info_kgplus@kyotographie.jp


KG+ Executive Committee


Kyoto City / Kyoto Municipal Board of Education

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GRAND MARBLE Corporation



Wacoal Corp.



SCREEN Holdings Co., Ltd.

Panasonic Corporation


YellowKorner Japan co.,ltd.


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