Graveyard of Lights
Takashi Nakagawa | 中川 剛志

Born in 1981. Nakagawa started to travel in 2010, so far he has been to 50 countries to create photo projects. His works have been published in the international media and he has won several awards, such as the National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year. Currently he is an ambassador of Fujifilm, and his work is held in the National Geographic Fine Art Gallery. Since 2013, he has focused on personal projects in Japan and Iceland.

© Takashi Nakagawa

- Statement -
Japan as an archipelago nation is situated perfectly to perpetually face numerous natural phenomenon. The islands are under threat from the seismic activity or geothermal eruptions, paired with the nations geographical length the islands climate creates a diverse weather systems. These climatic factors means Japan shares some similarities with Iceland.
At 22, following his father death Nakagawa embarked on a journey which took him to Iceland, visiting repeatedly he photographed the polar lights —also referred to as auroras. This magnificent natural phenomenon is entrenched in the Arctic culture; people believe the light connects the world of the living to the world of the dead.
As he also witnessed the brutality of the climate in the daily struggles of the local people, undeterred by the harsh realities he continued his exploration of his personal, inner landscape in the unforgiving weather.

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