NewsPostponement of KG+2020 


KG+ expresses our heartfelt sympathies to everyone affected by the Coronavirus outbreak.
While KG+ 2020 is postponed until autumn, the"KG+ 2020 SPRING - SUMMER" webpage has now been released.
Changes to opening hours are possible, please refer to current information to avoid disappointment.
While it is likely this pandemic will remain a vivid page in the contemporary history of mankind, we pray that the world will soon recover and be back on our feet.
KG+ executive office

Our Decision to Postpone KG+2020

In light of the global spread of COVID-19 we decided to postpone KG+ 2020 for the safety of our audience, guests, and staff. The 8th Edition of KG+ will be now held from September 18th to October 18th, 2020.
More details will be announced soon.
In advance thank you for your understanding and please take care of yourself.

KG+ executive office

KG+2020 開催延期のお知らせ

4月17日(金)から5月17日(日)に開催を予定しておりましたKG+2020は、この度の新型コロナウイルス感染症の世界的な拡大に伴い、ご来場者様・関係者の皆様・スタッフの健康面と安全面を第一に考慮し、開催日程を延期し、 2020年9月18日(金)から10月18日(日)での開催を予定しております。詳細については決定次第、発表いたします。

KG+ SELECT 2020 Artists!!
KG+ 2020 Artists!!


Open Call:Early November - 20 December, 2019 (JST Time)
Exhibition period:18th Sep. - 18th Oct. 2020
Exhibition venue:former Junpu Elementary School
[609-1 Kakimoto, Omiya Hanayacho-agaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8357]

> KG+SELECT application requirement [PDF 40KB]
> Selection Committee

10 finalists will be selected among the candidates
and be invited to show work in the former Junpu Elementary School.
The selected 10 artists will receive ¥200,000 toward exhibition
production for an exhibition in the former Junpu Elementary School.
Our KG+SELECT 2020 Jury will visit the exhibitions
selecting the Grand Prix, the winner will be invited to participate
in the next edition of KYOTOGRAPHIE, holding a solo show with the
support of ¥500,000 from the festival.
Application Form

KG+ 2019
KYOTOGRAPHIE Satellite Event

Open Call:Early November 2019 - January 20, 2020(JST Time)
Exhibitions to be held for more 5 days,
between 18th Sep. – 18th Oct. 2020
in the city of Kyoto, Japan.
> KG+ application requirement [PDF 40KB]

Various exhibitions at locations throughout Kyoto,
including solo shows, group shows, and cultural projects
organised by galleries/museums/schools, etc.
Solo show applicants may apply simultaneously for both
KG+ and KG+SELECT. In the case apply for both KG+
and KG+SELECT, please apply twice by the application form.

Application Form

About KG+

Started in 2013, KG+ is an open-entry art festival dedicated to discovering and fostering talents among photographers, curators and gallerists alike. As a satellite program of KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival held concurrently each spring in Kyoto, KG+ affords an ideal forum for upcoming as well as veteran artists, curators, gallerists to meet up and interact with the international photographic arts community. Moreover, with exhibitions presented citywide at a variety of venues in Kyoto, KG+ aims to encourage not only diverse creative expressions, but also strives to nurture a participatory public outreach environment for both global visitors and local citizens alike. .

Coming to our 8th edition in 2020, the KG+SELECT program will also be hosted in the former Junpu Elementary School. Among the nominees, 1 recipient of the KG+SELECT Grand Prix will be selected, winning the chance to be an official exhibition participant of the KYOTOGRAPHIE main program in 2021. At the same time, 1 recipient of The Firstfloor priZe will be selected among all KG+ participants and given the opportunity to take part in the Firstfloor Gallery in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, France. This is also our first year to host the UNKNOWN ASIA Prize, the winner of which will be invited to participate in the next edition of UNKNOWN ASIA Art Exchange Osaka.

KG+ SELECT | 2019

KG+SELECT grand-prix winner

Atsushi Fukushima
Box Lunch is Ready

福島あつし Committee Review and Artist Interview

2019 Closing Report

KG+2019 Award Gran prix
Box Lunch is Ready
福島 あつし | Atsushi Fukushima
Former Junpu Elementary School

Participating artists:207
Number of venues:63
Artist nationalities:21
Number of exhibitions:96
Number of visitors:approx.135,000

2019 Closing Report
[PDF 23M]