Marie Liesseマリー・リエス

curated by Marina Amada

In front of the sun-filled window of Louis Braille's music hall, Sallé is standing behind an elegant grand piano. National Institute for Blind Youth. Paris. France. 2013 © Marie Liesse

Musée Rodin. With both hands, Louis studies the hollows and protrusions of the sculpture shaped by the hands of Rodin.
Musée Rodin. Paris. France . 2013 © Marie Liesse

Louis and Joseph are waiting for the train on the subway platform. With radiant faces, they are happy to have chosen the metro as a scenery for the picture. Métro Vaneau. Paris France. 2013 © Marie Liesse

French photographer Marie Liesse’s photobook Lettre à Jean-Lin takes its inspiration from a text by Arnaud de La Bouillerie about his middle school friendship with a boy named Jean-Lin Patte who lost his sight at age one due to infantile cancer: although virtually living in different worlds, the two of them shared experiences—smoking in secret, playing pranks—and remained close until the cancer resurfaced in adulthood. In attempting to trace this intimacy outside the realm of vision, Marie Liesse did portraits of students at the French National Institute for Blind Youth (INJA) and published them together with texts in print and braille.

In KYOTOGRAPHIE 2020, she will exhibit embossed images created in collaboration with an embossing artisan.

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