① Apollinaire Le Bas, Japanese Warrior, 1864
©Guimet National Museum of Asian Arts
② Lucas Foglia, Acorn with Possum Stew, Wildroots Homestead, North Carolina 2006
Courtesy of galerie du jour agnès b, Paris ©Lucas Foglia
③ Martin Gusinde, Ulen, the male clown, initiation ceremony of the Hain, a Selk’nam rite, 1918-1924, ca. Martin Gusinde / Anthropos Institut / Éditions Xavier Barral
④ Roger Ballen, Mimicry, 2005   ©Roger Ballen
⑤ Francis Wolff, John Coltrane at his “Blue Train” session of September 15, 1957.
© Mosaic Images LLC.
⑥ Suntag Noh, [reallyGood, murder], 2008 ©Noh Suntag
⑦ Marc Riboud, Alaska, 1958 © Marc Riboud
⑧Yusuke Yamatani, Tsugi no yoru e, 2010 Courtesy of Yuka Tsuruno Gallery ©Yusuke Yamatanig
⑨ Kimiko Yoshida, Painting (Condottiere Micheletto Attendolo da Cotignola at the Battle of San Romano by Paolo Uccello). Self-portrait, 2010 ©Kimiko Yoshida
⑩ RongRong & inri , Tsumari Story, 2014  ©RongRong & inri
⑪ Oliver Sieber, JESSY, DORTMUND, 2006 ©Oliver Sieber
⑫ Fosco Maraini, The Enchantment of the Women of the Sea, Japan, 1954  ©2015 MCL – Vieusseux – Alinari
⑬Louis Jammes , Child of Pripyat, 1991 ©Louis Jammes


⑭ Baudouin Mouanda , The 'sapeurs' of Bacongo, 2008 © Baudouin Mouanda

TRIBE – What’s Your Story?

The tribe is a source of fascination in a world where globalization and population displacement pose crucial questions concerning roots and belonging. Since inclusion is vital to our happiness, the tribe naturally attracts. Now, as in times past, the tribe provides ways of connecting and sharing important information and ideologies. Through shared heritage, collective conscience, or common values the tribe embraces us and becomes a significant identifying factor in our social fabric. Crossing the globe in search of places where people meet, engage and form special relationships, KYOTOGRAPHIE’s 2015 exhibitions look back at the past to explore indigenous cultures and history, and investigate contemporary popular culture and the fringes of society. TRIBE seeks to question what it means to belong, both by choice and as a matter of circumstance.

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Focusing on ‘TRIBE,’ the 3rd Edition of KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival
presents another fascinating array of exhibitions and events in Kyoto.

Dates: 2015. 4.18 Sat – 5.10 Sun

Organizer: KYOTOGRAPHIE International Photography Festival
Co-organizers: Kyoto City, Kyoto Municipal Board of Education

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Kyoto Museum for World Peace, Ritsumeikan University is going to be closed temporarily on 14th May. Thank you very much for your kind understanding. Related Event: Movie screening & director talk “Japan Lies: The Photojournalism of Kikujiro Fukushima, Age 90” ※The venue has changed due to circumstances. venue: Institut français du Japon-Kansai, Inabata hall(1F) address:8…

KYOTOGRAPHIE 2016 will finally open later this month, and the promotional video is finished as well. This music is composed by Marihiko Hara who residents in Kyoto. KYOTOGRAPHIE 2016 Introduction >Youtube Channel

Nippon Travel Agency is offering Kyoto travel packages that include a KYOTOGRAPHIE Passport. It can be difficult to get hotel reservations on weekends, and during Golden Week, so we encourage to take advantage of this offer soon. This package is also available with JR tickets for travel between Tokyo and Kyoto, so it is especially…

The KYOTOGRAPHIE International Portfolio Review is now taking applications! An excellent opportunity to meet with numerous International and Japanese industry key decision makers! To prepare for this we have introduced an ICP Editing Session. These sessions are tailored to prepare photographers, creating the best chance photographers to excel in the portfolio review or in professional…

  Win KYOTOGRAPHIE passports, catalogues and KYOTOGRAPHIE eco bag! WIPPLAY in partnership with KYOTOGRAPHIE runs a photography contest from February 3rd until march 16th under the Theme « Circle of Life », capture the passing of time. Aimed at all photographers, you are invited to share your best pictures. The jury are the photographers, Thierry…

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